Facial treatments
Basic and specialized treatments that will improve the condition of skin and bring out its natural glow.

Basic facial treatment


The first treatment that includes interview and skin analysis by using a Wood's lamp. The next step is the choice of a proper kind of treatment. It is followed by a treatment trial.

Personalized Treatments - options universe

The treatments created for the individual customer depending on the skin needs. Unique components allow to take care of every customer in a professional way. The treatments begin with the ritual of cleansing and peeling while using a Japanese method called kirei. The concentrate intensely penetrating the skin is applied on cleansed face, neck and neckline. Then an optional massage is done. It is created on the basis of Spanish massage techniques after which suitable mask is applied. During the treatment relaxing shiatsu massage is done. The treatments are offered in three different options:

"Basis" treatment - 30 minutes - including basic face care. Treatment course: clinique, skin exfoliation of dead skin by peeling, application of active substance, the application of cream and mask, care cream at the end of treatment. Additionally: eyebrow shaping, henna (eyebrows & eyelashes), hair removal (upper lip, chin)

"Standard" Treatment - 60 minutes - based on Basis treatment (facial area). Additionally I do a massage and a use of various types of cosmetic devices. They are used for exfoliation of the epidermis and the introduction of active ingredients into the skin.

"Luxe" Treatment - 90 minutes - based on Standard treatment includes face, neck and neckline. In addition to Standard option, this treatment is enriched with cosmetic face, neck and neckline massage as well as relaxing hands and feet massage.

OPTIONS BALANCING - Purifying treatment using mask with sea mud

The treatment for combination and oily skin. It cleanses deeply and regulates sebum production. Contained in preparations Sepicontrol A5, Control Compleks (zinc salt, extracts of burdock root, vitamin B8) alpha-bisabolol and valerian extract reduce skin irritations and imperfections Beside this, they limit the growth of bacteria. They are good because of their soothing and cleansing effect.

OPTIONS HYDRATION SYSTEM MASK – Moisturizing treatment with a gel mask

Treatment for dehydrated skin. The complex hydra-systems (trehalose + silanol) restores the skin's optimal level of moisture and prevents water loss through the skin. It provides an immediate feeling of flexibility and comfort. The skin becomes fresh, soft and firm.

OPTIONS SKINZEN MASK WITH ROSE EXTRACTS – Moisturizing and soothing treatment with a roses’mask

The treatment for sensitive skin (especially to emotional stress) with redness, dry, flaky, with signs of fatigue and premature aging. Thanks to extract from five species of roses neutralizes the effects of emotional stress, moisturizes intensively, smoothes and gives a sense of comfort and relaxation. Indicated for tired people who work a lot.

OPTIONS HYDRO-TAUTENING – Hydrating and firming treatment with a gel mask

The treatment for mature skin. It moisturizes deeply thanks to hyaluronic acid content and the unique combination of polyglutamine acid, urea, amino acids and protective biopolymers. It gives intense skin tightening effect and acts like a facelift. Extract from oats helps to recover skin firmness and elasticity, reduces facial wrinkles so facial features are smoothed. In a short time, the skin regains brightness and vitality. It makes healthy look.

OPTIONS EXPRESS ENERGY DETOX MASK – Regenerating facial plastic anti-stress mask

The treatment for dull skin, without vitality, with signs of tiredness, flabbiness and premature aging. Thanks to the natural clays (complex Pure Vital Clay) and complex Defence detox the skin regains its glow, healthy appearance and radiance. The signs of fatigue dissapear. The skin is visibly rejuvenated and velvety to the touch.

OPTIONS REVITALISING – Revitalizing treatment with a mask that contains a summary of peas and spinach

The treatment for mature skin. It contains natural flakes from vegetables rich in vitamins a, b, c; olive oil and a complex of enzymes derived from peas. It nourishes, hydrates and regenerates, stimulates and strengthens the defensive functions as well as delays the signs of skin aging. The complexion becomes bright and regains its vitality

OPTIONS AGE-DEFENSE – Anti-wrinkle treatment with the fruit mask

The treatment for mature skin. It combines soy isoflavones, seed oil loofah and natural flakes from fruit rich in vitamin C which rejuvenate and firm the skin giving her luminosity and energy. It is followed by visible improvement in the condition and the apppearance of flabby skin.

OPTIONS TAUTENING – Firming treatment with a peel-off type gel mask

The treatment for mature skin. Tensioning work. It helps to change the look of the flabby skin, lacking firmness. The mask contains extracts of sweet almond. It creates an astringent film on the skin that tightens and smoothes the microscopic ridges. The skin tightens and the wrinkles become less visible.

OPTIONS ADAPTSKIN TISSUE MASK LIFT&YOUTH – Firming and rejuvenating treatment (cryo-lifting) with non-woven mask

The treatment with immediate effect for people who need rapid improvement of skin appearance. It is the treatment for mature skin that requires nourishment and regeneration. Thanks to content of fitoretinol, oat protein and the use of innovative method of application, the mask works tensioning and anti-wrinkle. It smoothes facial features and firms the skin. The treatment is perfect for special occasions.

SO DELICATE – Soothing treatment for very sensitive and allergic skin

The treatment is for very sensitive and allergic skin. It moisturizes and nourishes deeply in an extremely gentle way to restore the stratum corneum. Reinforced protective barrier makes the skin less vulnerable to adverse external factors. It relieves the symptoms appropriate for sensitive skin: irritation and tension. It eliminates scaling, roughness, dryness and redness of the skin.

ROYAL JELLY PRO-RESILIENCE – Revitalizing treatment

A treatment based on the extract of royal jelly and mushroom Poria Cocos. It works against the signs of aging. It eliminates fatigue and the lack of skin oxygenation. It provides cell stimulation and firms in order to restore the skin's radiance and youthful vitality. It strengthens intensely the cohesion of the skin and improves its resistance.

Specialized facial treatment

TIMEXPERT RIDES EYE – Anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye area

It smoothes facial wrinkles by reducing their size and depth. It rebuilds skin density and architecture. Contained in preparations stem cells from Swiss apples regenerate deeply and prevent aging.

EXCEL THERAPY O2 – Rejuvenating treatment

Intelligent cellular cosmetics. Cytokines, oxygen and hyaluronic acid. The active ingredients in formulations and a special way of application prolong youthfulness of the skin. They enhance natural immunity and stimulate self-renewal. MPC DEFENSE COMPLEX – it prevents and inhibits the natural aging process of the skin. LIFE CYTOXYGEN – it increases the oxygen content in the skin, improves "breathing" skin and recruits due to the passage of time. The treatment uses a unique mask in the form of a blue-pearl hydrogel lobe. While the treatment is performed the hand massage is done.

TIMEXPERT LIFT – Firming treatment

The ideal treatment for mature skin with the problem of firmness and elasticity of tissues. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in the formulations the restoration of volume and modeling of the shape of the face is visible. Lipo-filling – it adipocytes and stimulates the production of natural collagen. HYDRO-FILLING – it fills wrinkles and improves skin tone instantly. The treatment with the cryo-lifting effect.

TIMEXPERT RIDES – Anti-wrinkle treatment with botox effect

Face without wrinkles behind the veil of youth. Rejuvenating Japanese Ko Bi Do massage (an extra option). It smoothes wrinkles by reducing their size and depth. Rebuilds density and the "architecture" of the skin. PLANT STEM CELLS - they regenerate deeply and prevent aging.

PUREXPERT PURE & CONTROL – Treatment for problematic oily and acne complexions

Line PUREXPERT rediscovers the classical model of facial cleansing treatment in three steps, renewal, regeneration, restoring balance and hydration. A sophisticated ritual allows you to show the beauty of a purified and illuminated skin.


Cavitation peeling is a painless deep cleansing of the skin by means of ultrasonic vibration which allows for precise removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, removal of keratinized epidermis and getting rid of the bacteria. It provides smooth and rejuvenate the skin, improves microcirculation, disinfects. It is designed for very sensitive delicate thin skin prone to irritation and dilated capillaries, healing slowly as well as a non-invasive cleansing treatment for skin prone to pimples, acne and being oily.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure involving the abrasion of the stratum corneum. It allows you to remove flaking, bumps and blemishes; to smooth wrinkles and to lighten unwanted skin pigmentation. By removing the upper layers of the epidermis skin becomes smoother, brighter, fresher and more elastic.


Sontophoresis is a treatment using ultrasonic waves, the method of introducing into the skin the active substances selected according to the skin type and needs. Heat made by ultrasonic penetrates into the tissue causing relaxation of the skin and muscle. It is accompanied by a gentle deep massage that improves blood and lymph circulation as well as metabolism and cell regeneration. SONOPHORESIS is a procedure that allows penetration into the skin not only to skincare products, but also to other medicinal compounds that act on blood vessels sealing as well as accelerate the treatment of acne.


During iontophoresis we use a solid galvanic current to introduce the substances in the forms of ions into the deeper layers of the skin. This therapy is recommended for skin with dilated capillaries, rosacea and vulgaris, inflammatory, sensitive and flabby skin with hyperpigmentation. The effectiveness of treatments using iontophoresis is the result of both a direct interaction current to the tissue and the active compounds which can thus penetrate the skin currents. The current flow activity improves circulation and nutrition and oxygenation of tissues. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves muscle tone.


Darsonval device with therapeutic D'Arsonval microcurrent (high frequency current flow) produces ozone molecules (ozonation) which have a strong bactericidal effect. The effect is to remove from the skin all bacteria. The skin becomes more supplied with blood, the pores are smaller, sebum secretion is inhibited. Darsonvalization treatment is used as a supplement to other treatments, most often to "mute skin" after surgery purification. It works against acne and premature aging of the skin.


The treatment is performed by a device that emits ultrasounds which heat internal tissues and help to penetrate the skin barrier. Ultrasound treatments are done in order to revive the cells, purify the skin, reduce wrinkles and introduce the active ingredients into the skin.


Electrocoagulation is to cut down protein tissue by its thermal damage. The treatment is performed by using an electrode. The indications for electrocoagulation : viral warts or flat warts, seborrheic keratoses and milia.


Needle Mesotherapy is a proven method of skin aging prevention. It improves skin condition and its appearance, restores and rejuvenates. The treatment strengthens the skin of the face by revitalizing and nourishing it deeply; improves hydration, firmness and elasticity; tightens the skin and evens out its color. The treatment consists of injecting small doses of the drug substance directly into the skin. This incorporated active substances, avoiding the epidermal barrier through which it is not able to penetrate most of cosmetics. The procedure is performed using specialized equipment. Additionally anesthetic cream canceling small pain during injections is used if necessary.

Recommendations after treatments:
Immediately after the treatment until complete healing of the skin (about 2 days) people should avoid exposure to the sun and tanning as well as staying in sauna and swimming. For several hours after the treatment people should not apply makeup on their face. Contraindications for mesotherapy are: allergy, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, inflammation of the skin, herpes, skin badly tolerating injections (skin capillaries, the risk of fibrosis), cancer, use of anticoagulants.

DERMA ROLLER - microneedle mesotherapy

Microneedle mesotherapy is a treatment performed by means of mikropunctures of epidermis and dermis - Dermaroller or stamp. It stimulates and makes the healing process faster by mikropunctures which lead to increased production of collagen and elastin. As a result it removes fine lines; reduces wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The treatment by mikropunctures increases the permeability of the skin at the same time increasing the deep penetration of the active ingredients. The treatment improves the appearance of the face and neck, causing the skin to become more flexible, tight and rejuvenated.

Recommendations after treatment:
Immediately after the treatment until complete healing of the skin (about 2 days) people should use sun cream, avoid exposure to the sun and tanning as well as stay I sauna and swimming. For 24 hours after the procedure should not be applied any makeup on the face. After the treatment the skin should be intensively moisturized. Contraindication to this treatment are eczema, psoriasis, bleeding disorders, immune disorders, open wounds, keloids and diabetes.

Additional treatments

I propose to perform additional beauty treatments that will enliven your face and will give its color. Among the additional treatments I offer:

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • henna (eyebrows)
  • henna (eyelashes)
  • hair removal of face parts
  • face massage


Massage is one of the oldest methods of restoring the balance of human body. The aim of facial massage is to relax and rejuvenate. It maintains the elasticity of the skin and muscles, stimulates the blood circulation, oxygenates and prevents the formation of wrinkles. While face and neck massage is doing agentle exfoliation of the stratum corneum is done. That facilitates the absorption of cosmetics and stimulates skin regeneration.


Facial lymphatic drainage restores the skin its fresh look and firmness. By using Vacuum unit, the shaft skin is sucked so that pollutants are removed. It improves blood flow, oxygenation and drainage of lymph. The bruises and bags under the eyes are removed too and the skin becomes healthy again.


The unique technique of the massage is inspired by a massage created for the Japanese imperial court. Strong firming improving skin structure and its tension. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. In a natural way it prevents signs of aging. It has a deep effect on the face muscles: physically and stimulating. It also affects muscle tension of neck and face by improving firmness of the skin without any risk and in a pleasant way.